About Fabien Colomines

SENIMO is a carpenter and designer who creates furniture in very small series.

Based on the variation of curved and shapes, he designs elegant pieces that play with a shifting temporality.

Artisanal wooden stools.
Meticulous craftsmanship.

It all began in 2023, when a deep-rooted love for woodworking and a desire to create eco-conscious pieces merged into a vision of crafting exquisite wooden stools.

With a deep appreciation for craftsmanship, I blend traditional woodworking techniques with modern precision to create stools that reflect meticulous attention to detail.




Learning wood crafting for the first time.


Learning through crafting first creations.


Launching Senimo current designs.


These furniture are created to embody a research for durability, both in their design and in the conception process. All pieces are handmade in Paris. Every choice, from the shape to the lacquered finish, aims to express a subtle fluidity, achieved through the repetition of graphic forms.

The approach is to merge form and reflection, thus creating a duality between the dynamism of movement and the frozen nature of the furniture. Lines and curves are designed to evoke visual harmony while inviting deeper contemplation of the object. Through this marriage of aesthetics and functionality, my furniture aspires to transcend ephemeral trends to become timeless pieces.

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