Privacy Policy for Personal Data

Last update : 21 July 2023


The website accessible at the address aims to showcase the artistic work of the artist Fabien Colomines by publishing photographs of his artworks, exhibitions, and articles related to his projects. When you browse the website, Fabien Colomines may process your personal data. Moreover, during your visit to the website, certain publications may redirect you to distinct websites. These websites have their own legal notices, terms of use, and/or privacy policies. We invite you to review them directly on the pages affiliated with these websites. The company Fabien Colomines informs you here about the processing of your personal data and the circulation of such data on the website Thank you for your attention to the following information. For a better understanding of this policy, it is specified that:

« User(s) »: refers to any individual or legal entity who visits the website and contacts the team of Fabien Colomines through the ‘Newsletter’ page or the ‘Contact’ page.

« Data Controller »: refers to the individual or legal entity who determines the purposes and means of processing personal data. Under this policy, the data controller is Fabien Colomines.

« Processor »: refers to any individual or legal entity that processes personal data on behalf of the data controller. In practice, these are the service providers with whom the company Fabien Colomines collaborates and who deal with the personal data it processes.

« Data subjects »: refers to individuals who can be identified, directly or indirectly. They are referred to as ‘Users’ under these terms.

« Recipients »: refers to individuals or legal entities who receive communication of personal data. Recipients of the data can be both internal recipients and external organizations (support service providers, government agencies, etc.).


In order to meet the expectations of visitors to its website and to enhance the functionality of this site, the company Fabien Colomines implements and uses processes of personal data concerning its Users. This policy aims to fulfill the information obligation of the company Fabien Colomines and to formalize the rights and obligations of its Users regarding the processing of their personal data. The processing of personal data may be managed directly by the company Fabien Colomines or through a processor specifically designated by it.

General Principles and Commitment

No processing is carried out by Fabien Colomines concerning User data if it does not involve personal data collected by or for Fabien Colomines or processed in connection with the website, and if it does not comply with the general principles of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Any new processing, modification, or deletion of an existing processing will be brought to the attention of Users through a modification of this policy.

Types of Data Collected

NON-TECHNICAL DATA (depending on use cases):

  • Identification: name, first name, pseudonym
  • Contact details: phone number, email address, postal address…
  • Documents submitted by the User as attachments to their message (Photos, videos, WORD or PDF documents…)
  • Information transmitted in the context of a message sent via the ‘Contact’ page of the website

TECHNICAL DATA (depending on use cases)

  • Identification data (IP)
  • Connection data (logs, in particular)
  • Consent-related data (clicks), mainly for online subscriptions

Data Sources

Fabien Colomines collects data from its Users from:

  • Data provided by the User as part of registration or subscription to our online services (website, social networks, YouTube channel, newsletter, etc.);
  • Forms or electronic forms filled out by the User;
  • Exchanges via social networks.

Purposes of Processing

Depending on the cases, Fabien Colomines processes your data for the following purposes:

  • Processing project proposals;
  • Managing the relationship with the User;
  • Managing events organized by Fabien Colomines or any other individual or legal entity that he may appoint for the projects;
  • Sending newsletters or information updates;
  • Responding to questions posed to us (by phone or online);
  • Sending wishes and other congratulations from Fabien Colomines or any other individual or legal entity that he may appoint for the projects;
  • Improving our services;
  • Fulfilling our administrative obligations;

Legal Bases

The above-mentioned processing purposes are based on the following legal conditions: Legitimate interest and, where required by law, consent.

Data Recipients

Fabien Colomines ensures that data is only accessible to authorized internal or external recipients.

Internal recipients:

  • Staff of Fabien Colomines or any other individual or legal entity that he may appoint for the projects
  • Interns
  • Communication Department
  • IT Department

External technical recipients:

  • Service providers or support services (e.g., translation service, IT service, reprography, etc.)
  • Government agencies

Data Retention Period

The data retention period is two years from the User’s last connection. After this period, the data is either deleted or kept after being anonymized. Users are reminded that deletion or anonymization are irreversible operations, and Fabien Colomines is no longer able to restore the data afterward.

Right of Access (Right to Copy)

Users have the right to request from Fabien Colomines confirmation of whether or not data concerning them is being processed. Users also have the right of access, which is subject to the following rules:

  • The request must come from the person themselves and be accompanied by a copy of an up-to-date identity document;
  • The request must be made in writing to the following email address: Users have the right to request a copy of their personal data undergoing processing by Fabien Colomines. Users are informed that this right of access cannot apply to information or data that is confidential or for which the law does not allow disclosure.

Updating and Rectification

The exercise of this right is carried out with Fabien Colomines. To enable regular updating of personal data collected by Fabien Colomines, the company may request Users to satisfy its requests. Fabien Colomines cannot be blamed for any failure to update if the User does not update their data.

Right to Erasure

The right to erasure of User data does not apply in cases where the processing is carried out to comply with a legal obligation. Apart from this situation, Users may request the erasure of their data in the following limited cases:

  • When personal data is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was collected or processed;
  • When the data subject objects to a processing necessary for the legitimate interests pursued by Fabien Colomines, and there are no compelling legitimate grounds for the processing;
  • When personal data collected has been unlawfully processed.

Right to Restriction

Users are informed that this right does not apply where the processing carried out by Fabien Colomines is lawful and all personal data collected
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